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BRB Publications, Inc.
PO Box 27869
Tempe, AZ 85285,
800 929 3811
800 929 4981


BRB Publications, Inc is the nation’s premier publisher of reference sources and websites used for locating public records. BRB’s books and electronic products point the way to over 26,000 government agencies, accredited schools, and to 3,500 record vendors who maintain, search or retrieve public records. The books and Web products are up-to-date, comprehensive and affordable

BRB content provides in-depth descriptions of record access policies and procedures, record access methods, restrictions, all fees, turnaround times, identifiers shown on records, and other needed tips used for public record searching.

Facts on Demand Press, an imprint of BRB, specializes in business management, background investigations, Internet-related references, and research publications.

To contact BRB call 1-800-929-3811 or visit

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