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The National Institute For The Prevention Of Workplace Violence

Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, Inc. is one of the oldest and most experienced investigative agencies worldwide, founded in 1850. We have 160 years of experience in conducting investigations and over 25 years experience in conducting pre-employment screening investigations. Pinkerton’s Global Screening Solutions team provides employment screening and background check services worldwide to verify the integrity of information on applications provided by employees, volunteers, and vendors. Our commitment to quality and knowledge ensures that all background investigations are conducted by experienced professionals in accordance with the law and that results are delivered accurately and on time.

Pinkerton’s Background Research System is the latest in web-based technology with online background requests and report delivery, automated case management, and the ability to integrate with your hiring management system. Our systems are secure and fully redundant using 128 bit encryption to ensure your information is protected and the system is available virtually 24/7 around the clock. By using the Pinkerton System, clients improve their productivity and turnaround time while reducing costs.

Pinkerton has extensive national and global knowledge to ensure all backgrounds investigations are conducted in accordance with the laws of the geography, accurately, and on-time. Pinkerton conducts all of our county, state, federal, and international criminal record searches real-time and in-person, which is the best methodology for obtaining accurate and up-to-date case disposition information. In addition, we review all criminal record “hits” in order to make sure that the data has been properly matched to the applicant, and that it meets both state and federal guidelines for the reporting of criminal record information.

Pinkerton’s Screening Solutions include:
· Applicant Tracking System
· Social Security Trace
· Criminal Records Search- county, state, & federal searches conducted in-person and real-time
· Drug Testing- with thousands of service centers nationwide
· Education, Employment, and Credential Verification
· Sex Offender Registries
· OFAC Sanctions Check
· Credit Reports
· Global Reach To Over 200 Countries
· And Much, Much More!

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Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations
11019 McCormick Rd. Suite 120
Hunt Valley, MD 21031
(410) 229-5470
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