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Policy Maker

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Ultimate Workplace Violence Prevention Policymaker

Each year, almost two million American workers become victims of violent crime while at work. Some estimates place the annual cost to US companies as high as 36 billion dollars. The prevention of workplace violence should be a high priority for every business that values its employees as well as continuity and sustainability of their business. In addition, a recent study indicated that 40% of businesses that experience a significant business disruption go out of business. The cornerstone of a strong program to prevent workplace violence starts with having a well thought out and comprehensive workplace violence prevention policy.

The National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc. has used its extensive consulting experience in workplace violence prevention to Fortune 500 and government entities to create a software product that allows you to create and/or update a comprehensive policy on Workplace Violence Prevention. The software has been specifically designed for companies to use to significantly shorten the policy development time. We have built into the data resource base for this software extensive research on workplace violence policies nationwide as well as extensive knowledge and experience gained through our consulting practice. The result is a software product that allows you to create a highly customized policy that fits the unique culture and work environment in your company. This product is designed to create a comprehensive workplace violence prevention policy, not a generic policy as many policy development products on the market are designed to do. You will be able to quickly and easily create a comprehensive workplace violence prevention policy by answering a series of carefully crafted questions specific to workplace violence that cover all of the policy, procedure and legal issues related to workplace violence.

This data resource base provides companies with the most complete and up-to-date information available at this time regarding workplace violence prevention. We have used the input of security, human resource, safety, risk management and operational management experts to develop a comprehensive data resource base that any company, regardless of size or complexity, can use to create an all-inclusive workplace violence policy.

Easy to Use
The software is designed for ease of use: employers who wish to construct a workplace violence policy for their company simply log on to review some key definitions, answer questions about their company and workplace violence prevention policy preferences.

Saves You Time
You can create a complete comprehensive policy precisely tailored for your company
in about an hour. The completed policy is presented in an easy-to-edit Windows
WORD format, enabling you to make any necessary changes.

Comprehensive Content
The policy covers the key definitions needed to address workplace violence.
Some of the definitions include: Acts of Violence; Assault, Threats, Intimidation,
Bullying, Domestic Violence, Weapons, Terrorism and Disruptive Behavior. The
policy then covers the categories required for a comprehensive workplace violence
prevention policy.

Some of the categories include:

Manager/Supervisor Responsibilities:  
- Employee assistance program referral
- How to deal with ‘at risk’ behavior
- How to deal with reports of violence
- Workman’s Compensation issues
- How to communicate with employees
- How to deal with victims of workplace violence and domestic violence
Employee Responsibilities  
- Reporting Requirements
- What to do in emergency situations
- Duty to report
- Legal Mandatory reporting
Standards of Conduct and Prohibitive Behaviors
- Weapons prohibition
- Hostile Work Environment
- Whistleblowing
- False or Malicious Statements
- Bullying
- Terrorism
- Domestic Violence
- Retaliation
Some Additional categories include:
- Threat Management Team
- Training
- OSHA Reporting Requirements
- Effective Terminations
- Crisis Management
- Right to Inspect
- Restraining Orders
For companies of all sizes and types that want to protect their employees and business
resources from the risk of workplace violence by having a comprehensive policy.

Pricing: 24 hours - $99.00 I 7 days - $129.00 I 30 days -- $259.00 I Unlimited $299.00

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