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Self Audit

Workplace Violence Prevention Audit Questions:

  1. Has a specific management level person been designated as the person responsible for coordinating the company's workplace violence prevention initiative?
  2. Has an integrated workplace violence prevention team (also known as Threat Management or Threat Assessment Team) effort been established that includes representatives from the following functions: security, occupational safety & health, risk management, legal, public relations/corporate communications, human resources and operations management?
  3. Does the company have a workplace violence prevention policy?
  4. If a written workplace violence policy exist, does it include provisions addressing how to deal with domestic violence in the workplace, mobbing and bullying behaviors?
  5. Does the company have a written plan describing how the workplace violence prevention plan will be implemented?
  6. Has a pre-established emergency protocol been put in place with local law enforcement and a specific individual (and back up) been designated to contact the police during a critical incident?
  7. Have all managers been trained in workplace violence prevention?
  8. Have all employees been trained in workplace violence prevention?
  9. Does the company have a policy prohibiting the possession of weapons on the company's premises and while an employee is performing their job?
  10. Has the company conducted an organizational violence assessment to determine if 'the common factors of violence prone organizations' are present?
  11. Has the company conducted a Facility Risk Assessment of all of it work areas?
  12. Does the company have a process and procedure in place for conducting Individual Threat Assessments?
  13. Has the company pre-identified and pre-qualified an external workplace violence expert and critical incident debriefing team to assist the organization, if needed?
  14. Are their known workplace violence hazards that employees are exposed to, and/or are similar businesses or companies in your industry or geographic area known for having workplace violence hazards?