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Creating a Positive Approach to Mental Health in the Workplace

Having a fulfilling job can be great for mental health and general wellbeing, but it can also be a source of stress for the more than 300 million people who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. A recent survey has revealed that Hong Kong has the longest working week of any city in the world – an average 51.1 hours per week. A study by the University of Hong Kong revealed that ninety percent of the employees there say they need better support at work, while 60 percent say mental health issues are on the rise and pushing away potential staff. Companies can support their employees by enacting Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) through which support is offered via one-on-one, online and telephone care. In additional, creating a more positive working environment; developing supportive, non-critical teams; and encouraging the use of apps that inspire a sense of calm all are recommended measures to combatting negative mental health.

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