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How to Increase Suicide Prevention Awareness in Your Company

In response to the high rate of suicides in the construction industry the Carson J. Spencer Foundation, in cooperation with the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (NAASP) and RK Mechanical in Denver, published a construction industry suicide prevention guidebook, A Construction Industry Blueprint: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace, to help executives in the business identify risk factors.

The guidebook explains how contractors can make mental health a priority through open discussion of topics considered sensitive to construction workers. Starting a conversation about mental health isn’t easy, so here are some ideas to help incorporate it into your business:

Shift Workplace Cultural Perspective: Make mental health and suicide prevention health and safety priorities. Leadership must model this, clearly communicate benefits and answer questions. Regularly promote mental health practices and a range of resources – e.g., new employee orientation, benefits renewal, newsletters, toolbox, talks.

Develop Life Skills: Offer training in conflict resolution, stress management, communication skills, financial planning, goal setting, parenting or other skills-based programs for employees.

Improve Mental Health & Addiction Knowledge: Deliver regular toolbox talks and awareness communication on mental health topics and how to improve wellness. Consistently link mental health with wellness and safety programs.

Promote Social Networks: Create a healthy community and foster genuine workplace support.

World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10. Start the conversation now with your team and make mental health a priority in your company’s culture. You could save a life.

To download the guidebook, visit NAASP at

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