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FEDR Aenquete

An enquete/poll organized by a belgian state related magazine(FEDRA) claimed that 53% of the participants(all related jobs)in the enquete are being bullied or know of someone being bullied. (FEDRA - 12000 replied on 60000). On the question Do you consider workplace bullying a serious problem?' - 84% answered yes. (78% for the flemish region and 94% for the french speaking region) ""Do you think enough is being done to tackle this problem by higher management?' - another 84% answered no 'If a problem appears in their department, what is the response?' - 70% says nothing happens to solve the problem 'When bullying does takes place in this -' State worker bullied by colleague(s) Total 33% (45%) flemish region; 19% french speaking region) State worker bullied by higher management/supervisor Total 66% (54% flemish region; 79% french speaking region) State worker bullied by Total 2% (1% flemish region; 2% french speaking region)(there's also a difference to be found whether the participant was male or female in these results)