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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the purpose of the Preemployment Screening Directory?

A: In the workplace violence prevention training that we provide to managers and supervisors we strongly encourage the use of preemployment and background checks as part of their hiring process to help screen for violent prone individuals. As a result, we are frequently asked to identify companies that conduct preemployment screening and background checks so we started the Preemployment Screening Directory as a service to our clients. In addition, we thought that having the Directory available for our clients and prospective clients would fit very well into our overall business strategy to become a full service provider to our clients that can meet all of their workplace violence prevention related needs.

Q: How long has the site been in existence?

A: has been running on the Internet since 1998. The National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc. the owner of the site has been in business since 1994.

Q: How many visitors does your site get a month?

A: Based on research by which measures traffic and ranks URLs - - ranks in the top 7% of the 10 million URLs that are on the internet and monitored by them. In addition, the site was awarded the prestigious �Golden Award� for web site design which draws addition traffic to the site everyday. With regards to hits the site has been averaging between 6,000 � 10,000 hits per month and has shown an 157% improvement in its rank in the last 3 months. As we continue to promote and market the site and the Directory these numbers will continue to grow.

Q: How many background screening companies are listed in your Directory?

A: Currently, there are over 200 companies listed in the Directory and we continue to add to this monthly as more companies become aware of the directory and want to be included.

Q: How will a listing in your Directory benefit my company?


    • Since the Directory is already the largest and most comprehensive source for information on preemployment screening and background checking companies employers now have one place to go to find companies or meet their information needs on preemployment and background checking.

    • Employers searching for a firm to conduct their preemployment or background checks are able to search alphabetically or geographically making it very easy to find a firm that meets their needs.

    • The Directory is an easy to use �One Stop� source for employers to find preemployment and background checking companies to meet their needs; They no longer need to look in multiple places to identify the companies and services available.

    • The Directory is designed to be �easy to use� and focused on saving employers valuable time by providing access to information by the categories that you would normally search for them under, e.g., legal watch, Federal Credit Reporting Act, etc. You will be able to go directly to the subject you are interested in and not have scroll through hundreds of items just to find what you want.

    • Visitors will have easy access to a wide array of articles on preemployment and background checking that are sourced not just from a proprietary source or specific discipline, but will encompass security, human resource, risk management, occupational health, safety, injury prevention and training sources. No other online Directory offers this wide array of information from multiple disciplines and sources.

    • Expert counsel and industry practices on how to effectively select a preemployment screening company that meets your needs

    • A comprehensive tool to support your workplace security, safety and human resource effort to provide a safe workplace for employees

Q: How is the Directory structured?

A: The Directory is structured so that someone searching for a firm to do preemployment screening or background checks for them can search the data base geographically by clicking on a map of the United States. When you click on a State a listing of the firms in that state will appear. You can then click on a specific firm and get more information about them. Conversely, if you already know the name of the company or a close proximity you can search for them Alphabetically.

Q: How long can a listing be posted on the Directory?

A: While we certainly hope that preemployment screening and background checking firms will post their listing in the Directory forever, we offer an annual contract period for listings above the Basic level.

Q: What are your future plans for the Directory?

A: Our vision is to make the Preemployment Screening Directory the #1 source for information on preemployment screening and background checking with the largest listing of companies in this business as well as the primary source for accessing research, articles and legal issues directly focused on preemployment and background checking. We also are actively promoting the Directory to Human Resource, Employment and Security professionals to increase the likelihood that they will use the Directory as there source for finding companies. We recently conducted a direct mail campaign to 75,000 Human Resource Managers and will be continuing to promote the Directory.

Q: How does your Directory compare to the SHRM and Workforce Directories?

A: The SHRM and Workforce sites are very good, in fact, we are a member of SHRM and have a listing in the Workforce 2004 Vendor Directory. However, in both cases the primary focus of their overall sites is on human resource management issues. Preemployment and background checking is not even a secondary focus of theirs, but actually a tertiary one that is a sub-listing under Staffing and Recruitment. Bottom line, this means that neither of them are focused on in depth coverage of preemployment or background checking while our focus on this issue is concentrated and encompasses human resource matters as well as security, risk management, legal issues, safety, etc. We give you the big picture regarding preemployment and background checking because it is an integral part of the workplace violence prevention work we do. Because preemployment and background checking is a serious focus for us we are committed to keeping abreast of the latest information and accordingly, you will see our representatives at all the major conferences where preemployment or background checking is talked about. We were at ASIS International, Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), SHRM, EMA and PIHRA. In 2004 we will also be at the Security Industry Association, National Safety Council, Risk Management Association, Disaster Preparedness and many more. You will not see SHRM or Workforce representatives at any of these conferences mining for the latest information about preemployment and background checking. We will be there because it is our business and we share this expertise with you in our Directory.

To further illustrate the point; Workforce�s Directory is listed under Commerce Center >> Staffing & Recruitment (has 18 sub-topics) >> Background Checking and a separate category for Screening companies. You have to be in two directories if you want to be sure you are noticed by buyers going to this directory. SHRM�s Directory is listed under HR Resources >> Directories >> Online Buyers Guide (18 sub categories) >> Preemployment Testing & Screening Companies. To access our Directory click on Preemployment Directory from the home page and you are there.

Q: What is the criteria for a Preemployment Screening or Background Checking company to get a listing in the Directory?

A: In order to be listed in the Directory a company must be formally in the business of conducting preemployment screening or background checks. This work may be the primary service the firm provides to multiple clients (most firms on the list fit this category) or it may be part of a suite of secondary services offered.