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Anger Management Facilitator Certification

8:30 A.M  5:30 P.M daily AIM Anger Management Institute 247 4th St. 
Oakland, CA

Anger Management is one of the fastest growing niche market for counselors, 
psychotherapists, educators and others interesting in teaching anger 
management to adolescents and adults. This three day training is designed to 
training providers to offer Adolescent Anger Management, Adult Anger 
Management, Organizational Anger Management and Motivational Interviewing.

The Anderson & Anderson Certification and curriculum in the industry standard 
worldwide. It is used in schools, workplaces, the U.S. Military bases 
worldwide as well as prisons and colleges.

Each participant will receive copies of the two client workbooks, our 
Motivational interviewing CD as well ad Suggested Guide for Anger Management.

   Contact Person: Lori Bordenave
   Contact E-Mail:
   Contact Phone: 310 207-3591
Anderson & Anderson,APC
12301 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 418
Los Angeles, California 90025