Tom Lawson review of Background Screening and Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from the HR and Security Perspectives

It’s not often that I have the chance to recommend published works (many of them are self-serving crapola, and are filled with the author’s view of Employment Screening, which is usually designed to make the reader want to screen employees their way), but I have just finished the new book by W. Barry Nixon, SPHR and Kim M. Kerr, CPP entitled “BACKGROUND SCREENING AND INVESTIGATIONS – Managing Hiring Risk From the HR and Security Perspectives” (Published by Butterworth – Heinemann [Elsevier]) website:

I contributed to this book, as I am often asked, but rarely do because I am always afraid that the book may come out and be a piece of crap, but in this case, in my view, this is the definitive work on the topic, it is fantastic, and is worth reading from cover to cover.

It successfully bridges the seemingly insurmountable gap between the HR and Security departments, which is long overdue, and something I have tried to do in my daily practice, for almost 30 years.
I get absolutely nothing for this recommendation (no royalties, no compensation in any manner whatsoever) other than the knowledge that you are all going to greatly benefit by reading it.

Why is it great? Simple. Barry Nixon is an SPHR, an HR Guy first and foremost, and is not in the employment screening business he is the Executive Director for the National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence, and is neutral.

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